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Tzai Entertainment's debut title, Shmusicup (pronounced "Shoot Music Up"), has launched its Beta! It is a shoot'em up where your own mp3 creates the enemy bullet patterns, great fun and innovation!

Try it for free now!

- by Vincent on 17 March 2011

I co-founded Tzai Entertainment, a games studio to develop web and mobile games!

Check out our website now!

- by Vincent on 15 September 2010

Mouse Megatron is released!

Save Momotaropolis from monsters by piloting Mouse Megatron with mouse shakes! Go play it now!

- by Vincent on 25 April 2010

Vincent Low Games is finally launched! Exciting and high quality free flash games coming your way!

Firstly bringing you Little Late Running Hood, a cute little flash game I made a couple of years ago. This game uses a unique control scheme where you shake your mouse to move the character, and has the simple aim of getting the best time. Go ahead and have a go!

Another game that is coming soon is Mouse Megatron. This game is in the final stages of securing a sponsor and will be available soon. Having similar controls to Little Late Running Hood, where you shake the mouse to move the character, but this time you fight big monsters in giant mecha robots! Look out for this release!

Now go play some games!

- by Vincent on 08 April 2010



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